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Our mission, vision & values:​

Mission Statement:

Diverse Learning’s mission is to help individuals lead empowered lives in an inclusive community.

Vision Statement:

Our aim is to deliver

  • Individual skills development in an environment of encouragement and acceptance​.

  • Personalised services, valuing individual strengths in the broader context of community.​

  • Training, education and development for a more inclusive community.


Our Team

Our team includes some amazingly passionate Support Coordinators, Developmental Educators, Counsellors and Mentors.  We are all unique individuals, working with unique individuals, and will work to ensure staff working with you are the right fit.


Services and Programs

We provide:
* Education Consultancy
* Social Skills Development*Developmental Education services
*Program development
*Training and Education
*Individual and group programs and supports

NDIS services:
As a registered NDIS provider, Diverse Learning provides the following products and services to our clients:
Coordination of Supports       
Support coordination, to address barriers and reduce complexity in the environment, assisting to connect with supports, build capacity and resilience.  Basically making sure everyone who should be supporting the participant is doing their job, whether that is in disability, school, health or other sectors and finding ways to connect and support the participant and their family with good supports and connect with community. 
Therapeutic SupportsGroup based and specialist interventions with Developmental Educators or Counsellors to assist a participant achieve their goals in community settings. 
Individual specialist interventions with Developmental Educators or Counsellors to assist people with disability or developmental delay and their family in home, care, community and education settings.
Behaviour Practitioner Supports
Highly specialised intensive support interventions to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern. Development of behaviour support plans that may temporarily use restrictive practices, with intention to minimise use of these practices.
Training for carers and others in behaviour management strategies required due the persons disability.
Social skills development with an individual, for participation in community and social activities.
Social and Community:Social interest groups and a range of supports to assist in participating in the community.  
Life stage transition supportsIndividualised supports, activities, groups and opportunities for developing skills such as working towards employment, transitioning to different stages of education, moving home.
Other:Sometimes we find it hard to find services that people need, so we may develop options ourselves to fill a gap or to encourage and train other providers to provide them.  These may include in home, community, individual supports or group options.  We do offer some limited psychosocial coaching  supports and training options. 


Outdoor Connections

Our popular social development group for children and young people on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the lovely Four Oaks Farm in Littlehampton.  


Outdoor Adults

Why should kids get all the fun?  Our social development group for adults, at the awesome Four Oaks Farm near Littlehampton.


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